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Heres a rough timeline of the project so far, still pullin together the photo album!
sept 2008 bought baker walk behind forklift $200
-came with spare traction motor( 4 terminal) and controller (curtis 1205x 400A)

oct 2008 bought 1995 metro 4 dr $400 had bad tranny fixed up and still driving
(couldnt bear to butcher that one up!)
oct 2008 bought 1994 firefly hatch $100 removed engine and begun conversion

-sat over winter / did motor mount system and trans coupler at the shop over winter

july 2009 began serious work on car assembled parts and made battery racks, cables, etc.

july 2009 bought 6 trojan t105 batts. (yeah i know its only 36V, tests have it maxed out at 50kph with the 400A controller though.)

aug 2009 final assembly and test runs (first run @24V 275A controller max 30kph yikes) freakin speed demon!

aug2009 got the bigger controller(400A) hooked up @36V and getting top speed 50kph level ground no slope.

aug2009 looking for a charger. car batt charger is not near fast enough.
(found a multi volt forklift charger 12/24/36/48V with 50A output for $750 dunno how good a deal this is so I havent bought it yet)

aug 2009 JOINED ECOMODDER !!!!!
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