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Originally Posted by FastPlastic View Post
I hear ya man. I live in a college town, and when they are gone it's awesome! I get across town at 5pm doing about 18-20mpg's. Now that they are back all the lights trip and no one knows how to drive, so I'm lucky if I can push 14-16mpg's. The worst are the students on foot. My commute takes me through some of the busiest parts of campus(only way around is about 2miles longer on a 5mile commute). They push the button to change the light then just walk right out in front of everyone. by the time they get across the light changes and all the cars have to wait about 15-20secs. It's killer on the MPG's.

65+ efficiency mods should include: "Don't live in a college town"
My mother said she knows a back way to go to my college driving through neighborhoods, I think that going 25 though a bunch of neighborhood probably would be better then waiting in all the traffic Im waiting in now...

The other day it literally took me 11 mins to find a parking spot on campus.. ugh
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