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Originally Posted by Katana View Post
I'm current sitting in a Herman Miller Aeron chair, had it since 2003, comes with a 12 year on site warranty. The only thing that has broken on it was a bolt that holds the adjustable arm rest, herman miller sent someone out the next day to fix it
They aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for, excellent build quality and good service.

Anyway, unless it's really hot anyway, you hardly get sweaty in the chair, it's also supremely comfortable, no numb arse cheeks, normal foam chairs seem old fashioned after having this chair.

Also what is the name of the back support in the OP, wanted to see if they sell it over here in the UK.
Yeah I did not know anything about the company or anything, I just googled chair with holes or something stupid like that but yeah they do make normal desk chairs look old school

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