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Originally Posted by jamesqf View Post
And if you think high 20s is good mileage, you're living in a different world :-)
High twenties was great in the mid to the late eighties.
I just got rid of my 87 Volvo 740 Turbo wagon .40 Cd. On a good day with no AC 26.5-27.0 mpg at 65 mph. You drove it at 70 mph with the AC on 23-24 mpg was normal.

After lowering, removing the roof rack, swapping out the automatic for a manual transmission and bumping up the rear gears to 3.31 for better gas mileage I could pull 29 mpg at 65 mph. I could pull 30-31 mpg at 55 mph.

It was Clunkered on Aug 3rd for a 2010 Prius. I'm sorry 40 mpg city today is the 30 mpg highway of 15 years ago.
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