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Originally Posted by AndrewJ View Post
That's not too hard for me to believe. Even "economy" cars now get ~120hp.

Throw in a 500hp corvette Z06 and a few trucks and SUVs with 350hp V8's and you've got a pretty high average.
It says light duty, so I imagine SUVs (at least most of them) are excluded... Perhaps it includes light duty trucks too... I'm curious if anyone has the sales data of all cars for one year (then I'll work on compiling hp, economy, etc.). How many 500hp vette's are there compared to 110hp econo cars? In my area, at least, I see more cars within the 110-170hp range than 500hp vettes (which is why I'm curious if they really do Halo the stats that much)....

It would probably be more important to look at median rather than average...
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