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Get yourself a Segway... you'll either be considered a dork, or Elite. Either way, it has no trunk, so you're good to go. :P (Sorry, had to.)

When you see a light turn red, or you know it's going to, just shut the engine off and slow down alot... you'll coast up to the light, hopefully as it's turning. Start the engine while you're still coasting, and continue your drive. I even do this in my Van, which has an automatic. It's not going to damage anything, because I'm not going any further than I would push it around the yard, only at a faster speed, and it's in neutral anyway. There is no fluid circulation, but there is also less internal parts moving, and those that are are still coated in oil, so they're OK for a few hundred feet, at least.

If I see a light turn red, or I think it will be red by the time I get to it, I just shut 'er off, set my speed so that I have a good chance of making the light as traffic is pulling away from it, and coast up to it. IF I have to stop, no biggie, just uses a little more fuel to take off from a stop than to take off from 5 MPH or so.

I also turn my engine off once I find my parking space, so that I can coast into the space in neutral. Usually saves me about 100 feet of gas usage at or near neutral idle.

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