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Project Update #6 (better rolling)

The new wheels and tires were deflated,metal valve stems and caps installed,then were spin-balanced using stick-on weights so the MOON covers will fit flush to the wheels.------------ I purchased a drill,tap,and special socket-head machine screws to attach the covers.------------ The T-100 has been pulling to one side.I had the alignment done this morning and we've determined that the tires are separating from pothole impacts( thanks Texas!).---------- I've ordered a set of "racing" tires for the truck.I'll be out of town early week and hope they come in for install next Saturday.The tires are from Hancook (sp?),are 215 70 HR 15 and will fit the OEM Toyota wheels.---------- I'm going to go for the 130-MPH Club,with USFRA next year at Bonneville and also see about running the trailer either at the Salt Flats or El Mirage Dry Lake,Cailifornia with SCTA.----------- The T-100's top speed is estimated at 138 mph @ sea level,she might do 130 @ Bonneville's 4,500 feet elevation.---------- The bellypan superstructure may qualify for the forward 25% driveshaft containment loop,if so,with 5-pound fire extinguisher,and new Snell-Approved helmet,I'm good to go.------------ I've cut enough of "poco-loco" away now,that I have very good side and rear vision.I've also measured for the dorsal fin height and have figured the tail for lights so I will know it hasn't gone off to Kansas without me.----------- I installed forged-steel eye-bolts either side of the hitch ball to secure the safety chains.------------ I'll be juggling multiple operations to pull everything together on time.I've only one remaining weekend to work on the project which means evenings after work each night I'm in town.My biggest challenge yet.------------- Should the silly thing perform,I might see 36-Interstate,38-HWY.-------------- I'll try and get some photos posted,but "chaos" factor might delay that 'til after trip.I want to be rested when I leave and I'm going to need every spare minute I can get.More later Phil.
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