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I've got a new build with better Slow and Fast inits, but have not sat down and looked at the timing issues yet. I have a bit more testing on it before check in...

I would need to know what exact unsupported PID's cause a reset before attempting to debug it. It could be a divide by zero problem, or it could be something else. On one hand, running unsupported PID's should not be done, so this failure is not a priority.

More of a priority is finding a work around to GET the correct data somehow from the ECU. How does the Jetta supply the data that it does not supply through generic OBDII commands? Is there an extended OBDII command that works, or do we have to rely on the VW/Audi specific commands that are not OBDII? It's been seen that the Scan Gauge can get the data required somehow from the car, but they are not an open source project. I'm not sure on where to look for this solution.

Thanks, ElectroMike for finding the Swedish 14230 documents... I will implement what I can from them for the next check in. (Not for a few days at least.)

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