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Originally Posted by FastPlastic View Post
I'm all for the quick and simple bolt on mods. Hell, if they work well enough you could probably make a few bucks building them.
I don't know how efficient they will be or even if there is a demand for cherokee aeromods, but once done, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to template out. Or in the very least make an instructable. One strike against reproducing this is everything that I'm mounting these mods to is considered aftermarket equipment and doesn't share many of the normal lines that a stock cherokee has. I know right now that my biggest pain to get past is going to be the rooftop cargo rack/light assembly. I'm trying to figure out how to best make a fairing that streamlines the four six inch globes into the rest of the rack and pushes air over the top instead of allowing it to filter through them and the rack. Key of all, it has to be CLEAN so that I'm not wasting my effort and just making 'less' dirty air.

Originally Posted by FastPlastic View Post
I look forward to seeing what you come up with I have yet to find time to truly finish mine, but so far the results have been good, so I'm not going to complain. I think next step on my list is to cover over the back side of the back bumper. I don't know for sure if air gets up in there, but with the new smoother underbody I'm guessing its more likely it does. That thing is kind of like a parashoot from the looks of things. I found a big old piece of foam board that I was going to use for now, if it seems to help I may see about replacing it with some corogated plastic.
I will have the same problem with my aftermarket rear bumper, as it's a hollow shell that is an open cavity on the body side. let me know what works easiest (and hopefully cheapest) for you.

Of note, I like your solution for the front radiator vents. I have that bullbar in front, I'm going to try to create a modular "over box" that would sit over and through tbe bullbar up flush with the radiator intake. I'll make vents on the sides so that the engine can suck air if it needs cooling but at highway, it shouldn't need that even. One more mod (I should probably do it in conjunction with the air box) is to upgrade the pulley driven fan to an electric model. I found a more than capable dual speed one out of a 94 Ford Taurus (and should fit according to a write up I found).

Well, this post is long enough, thanks for the input FastPlastic.
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