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I have to agree with MazdaMatt regarding the aesthetics.
Functional it may be but attractive it ain't and people buy mostly on how a car looks.
Simply because no one wants to drive around in an ugly vehicle.

Ask Renault. The back end of the Megane was one of the ugliest ever stuck on a mainstream production car and the sales results mirrored what most lookers (as opposed to buyers) thought.
No real surprise when Renault announced a major redesign to "bring the vehicle more inline with market expectation and enhance sales opportunities".
Built what people want to be seen in , in other words.

One reason the Tesla garners so much publicity is because most onlookers regard it as an attractive shape and one they might like to own.

Kind of pointless to have the most efficient vehicle ever built if you don't sell any isn't it?

By the way you can package an efficient design within an attractive shape.
Citroen managed it with the CX and the GS series and the smaller Saxo and variants.

One question is why does the Norwegian car have a fabric roof ?
It rains a lot in Norway !

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