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Originally Posted by 99metro View Post
Mine is anything above 60 mpg with "putt-putt". I'll be working on "snowball" next week to see what I can get out of it. I'm hoping for an honest 25 mpg tank.
60 is a phenomonal crossing. I am working towards a 50..that required a weld near the muffler the long way, 3 welds to hold the glow together.
I simply do not know how some folks go beyond on petro. I encountered physics enough to melt a belly pan without a fire and grow iron stalactites on the boxers exhaust manifold bolts.
A metro 3 banging has its advanages.
that is sincerely some serious mileage..even on a 1781cc boxer. I can't even comprehend what inlines are doing with thermal dissipation.

and the toyota tocoma at 28-30 is very disciplined. you even let the tank go below half risking more vapors and fuel loss as it warms.

anyway, to answer the question, my happy spot is 38. plenty safe, and always know there is extra easily with driving habit. If summerish, at least 10more and even 50 on highway is very consistent. Depends on time of year, the happy spots change.
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