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Originally Posted by bluetwo View Post
I couldn't find any info on it here and aside from the sales pitch you see on the on the Bully Dog website there really isn't that much information out there.

WatchDog™ Economy Monitor - 40400, 40402 - Gauge monitor with a Driving Coach to maximize fuel economy

There's a few reviews on different auto forums but no answers to questions like:

Can you substitue speed for the tachometer (the one that takes up most of the screen)? I have a tachometer and don't need a little digital one that takes up most of the usable color screen. I would love to have a big bold MPH number though, not the little numbers on the left.

Has it been giving an accurate instant MPG and average MPG? It doesn't seem to take into account the size of the gas tank or engine displacement.

I also wonder if there'll be another firmware version coming out soon so I don't end up having to mail it in so it can get updated. I hope this thread gets some attention.
The gauges are fully customizable. You can switch them on the fly - whichever gauge is selected at the left side of the display will also show up on the main gauge area as an analog gauge, a real-time graph, or a combination of the two.

I don't know about gas tank size - that'd be a question for the Bully Dog techs I guess.

As far as firmware goes, Bully Dog always offers free updates in my experience. And you don't have to mail it in, they have "Update Agent" software that you install on your PC. Just use a mini-usb to plug the WatchDog into your computer and away you go!
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