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Time spent at traffic lights - Engine OFF

Hey ecomodders,

I've been lurking about reading as much as I can. Tightening the nut behind the wheel was the single most beneficial MPG increase that I have made 26mpg prior to averaging 36mpgs now.

I have been shutting down the engine when I know that a traffic light is going to be long, and have read that it take about 11 secs. for the mpg benefit to set in. While sitting at traffic lights and counting in my head the amount of time the car is off, I figured I needed a stop watch to find out how much time I am off during the day.

Please understand I am a Field Service Engineer for IBM and drive a lot. This is my first attempt to make a contribution to this site.

Honda Accord 2.3l Auto

Todays numbers:

125 miles

27 Traffic light stops with engine shut down.

22:27 Time spent with engine off.

27 restarts @ .11 secs = 297secs inefficient start recoup

so I think I was shut down for 17:30

my scangauge says I burn .25gph at idle.

Is this worth it?

Is this valuable information to be tracking?

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