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Losing the MISinformation
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Taxing questions

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post

I took the tax option off the store site. Having not done something like this before, I'm not a tax expert. I just took the advice of someone else who seemed to know tax stuff and was trying my best to be lawful.

Sorry about all the trouble. If you notice any other problems with the site please let me know.

I check that often, so I could fix things right away if you send something that way.


Hey guys, according to a lawyer who was one of my Business instructors at the university, the online tax issue is going to be a real sticky one. The only sales tax for sure is in-state, depending upon which state you are from, but there is a lot of goings-on right now from state-to-state, and also a push nationally to just require the tax online - period. I didn't think to ask whether a business would need to charge home state or buyer state taxes...

The problem is, many states and the Fed are losing a lot of sales tax money online that would have normally gone into the coffers. A lot of money that they are thinking of finding other (tax) ways to get if they can't get the online tax money...

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