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Hey LouMan! It does have a diagnostic output from time to time. What I mean by that is that one of the software versions does do that. The software is there for outputting data. Right now, I guess I could have it cycle through sending temperature, current, and throttle. There isn't much else to send at this point. I don't have a practice controller right now, so the software that would be sent right this second would just be a basic one that doesn't send data, since that's the code that I know works just fine. As soon as I start changing code without driving it, I can't know for sure that I messed up on some tiny thing.

So, if anyone wants the data output, they would have to wait a few weeks for the microcontroller, since I'll have a controller done by then, and I can test the software again.

By the way, Joe had his first microcontroller latchup at 16 MHz, where he had to turn the car off and then on again. It happened under particularly hard acceleration. Fortunately, we have a very good idea how to fix it. Basically, I've ordered some schottky diodes that should deal with it. They need to be added to the control board. It's not a hard thing at all, and very cheap. I think adding them to the throttle input and possibly the temperature A/D and current input should take care of it. Also, I may slow the ramp rate just a hair, since the problem is related to rate of change of current.
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