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help me my troglodyte is winning

I have to be quick, work is calling.

I need to mark the outer perimeter of a 15" circle at three even places.
I know that means 120* apart.
I know where the center is, but, I do not have a protractor.
I vaguely remember from Geometry class, 2 lifetimes ago, about using a ruler and measurements to get my point markers.
I can always use trial and error. I was hoping someone might remember the way to get 120* intervals with the knowledge of
Radius, or
and thus save me an hour or two of measuring and marking and erasing and doing it all over again.
I do not have a way to measure the perimeter accurately.( steel rulers won't bend the arc)
Oh yeah all i have are steel rulers and straight edges.
I may be able to find my wifes sewing tape measure. It is flexible, made of cloth and all.
I will check back later and see what you fine Gentlemen have come up with.
I may have to buy more tools. did I tell you my tool budget is already shot.
Thank You, in advance, for all the help I have received.


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