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Robbing B*stard oil companies - thats what. they've realised it simpler to have a common price for P and D But they also realise more people are buyin more diesel (sales reps etc) and seeing how there is more of a margin in diesel as it takes less money per litre to produce they brought that in line with petrol.

I to feel you're pain having gone to petrol when it was cheaper than diesel last year - I'm now feeling the pinch as the costs are rising again Asda (wallmart) have it at 102.9 here but on the way to crewe I pass two places that have it at 107.9 (over a $7 gallon to our US friends).

Gordon Feckwit Brown isn't helping either...... (I won't truely vent because its a family site)
good things come to those who wait, sh*t turns up pretty much instantly
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