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SVOboy -

Originally Posted by SVOboy View Post
I don't understand how that would work. Do you wanna call the municipality and ask?
I as looking for the "mechanism of attachment" when I found this :

Safety guard - US Patent 5462324 Description
Further injuries can occur when individuals exit from a bus. Sometimes individuals slip as they depart from the bus and in an attempt to regain balance, grab the wheel of the bus, placing a hand or arm in the gap between the wheel and wheel well of the bus. When the bus starts moving, the individual's arm or hand is propelled along in the direction of the rotation of the moving wheel. Typically the individual's arm or hand is caught between the wheel and wheel well and is severely lacerated or mangled. If the individual is unfortunate enough not to have pulled his hand or arm away soon enough, the hand or arm may also be thrust to the ground in the path of the oncoming wheel. When the wheel travels over the hand or arm, the hand or arm is crushed by the wheel.
This is just one possible justification, but liability issues would encourage the installation of this stuff. We could repurpose the mechanism.


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