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Awesome! Glad to help out in the air-ride department. If you have any questions I can answer them to the best of my ability. I must say I was displeased with the ride quality at first, and thought I had wasted thousands of dollars.. The bags have been on the car since the middle of may, and they just started to really get broken in the middle of last month. Before that the ride was pretty bouncy. I'm pretty happy with it so far, unfortunately, as soon as my gf gets her 2001 tdi auto I'll be selling the bagged '05 and looking for a mk2 jetta td.

Also, When you drive a bagged car, you tend to drive lower then anyone at a static ride height due to your ability to raise the car.. however, sometimes there are unforeseen obsticals, and you scrape the oil pan, or frame on the ground. I absolutely refuse to raise my car unless i know I'll scrape for sure. I've gotten hung up on speed bumps before, haha. I love getting the front lip to scrape just a little bit. It makes me smile.

When I get a mk2 it will be absolutly slammed on coil-overs. I'll be wielding a piece of 1/2" steel to the oil pan.

the car sees 130km/h daily.
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