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Originally Posted by orange4boy View Post
I'm thinking about installing a TC lockup switch in my Previa. Were would one find the solenoid (It's not in the wiring diagram or Haynes manual I have)

Since I may forget to switch it off, what is the effect of having the TC locked up in gears lower than 3+4? Does it stall out if you try to stop? Why not lock up at lower speeds?

I live in hilly country with a low speed limit and I am hoping that TC lockup will help FE on those steep hills and the flats we do have. I'm always in 2+3 and it rarely locks up.
If it's not in the wiring diagram, and you don't have an electronically controlled transmission, it's a fluid circuit inside the transmission. For more information on that, you'd have to contact the mfr of a shift kit for your transmission, who would know a bit more about it than I would.

I just found out the other day that mine isn't controlled by the PCM like I thought it was, so I can't use this idea anyway, unless I modify my valve body to allow for an external valve.

I can't imagine there being a problem with lockup at lower speeds, except if you stop, it will stall you out. (or break/slip the lockup clutch in the TC).

Basically, if you can wire in a switch, you'll have to remember to wire in a circuit so that it's unlocked when you're using the brakes, or after you're below a certain speed, if you were so inclined.
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