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:P Yep its my "beater" adhering to a loose definition of the term.

Stubborn to a fault. Thanks all. I've been taking pictures as I go, just haven't had time to clean them up and post them online. Got a weeks worth of tests next week so I've been stretched for time lately. But so far its been fun.

From my understanding the engine of the Insight weighs around 120lbs and the battery pack around 50lbs or so, so the IMA drivetrain excluding the tranny would be around 170lbs give or take. Not sure on the weight of a z1 engine but you would be better off in gasoline power but not in the weight department with such a swap. Engine bay room would be tight though with a 4 banger instead of the 3. The electric motor is fairly thin, I want to say its housing is about 2" wide. I think you could probably offset the tranny some more to the drivers side, but assuming you kept everything mounted the way it is, there wouldn't be room or it would be a really tight fit to get everything in there.

Though if you could give me the length of a z1 + tranny I could give you a definite yes or no.
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