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Originally Posted by johnpr View Post
what i am thinking about for both of my wranglers is to make a brush guard that would have a plexi cover on it to guide the air flow, then i am also planing on (at least for my 002 wrangler) making a hardtop with an angle to it in the rear so that it would be closer to a fastback, i would also like to add a belly pan comprised of steel (for areas needing skid plates) and plastic (for non critical areas) i doubt that these mods would even bring it close to 30 mpg but it would at least be a start. i cant wait until spring, aero mods here i come
Gotta find the picture but someone did a kind of prototype of that kind of bumper on JF some time ago. I think they used one of those Smittybuilt Rockcrawler tube bumpers, the one that has a kind of basket for the front fogs. Anyway the whomever did it outlined filling the space between the tubes with lexan or something clear than taking a piece and angling it back over the front of the the grille guard ending up at the bottom of the hood.

Similar to Vikings fast back top? Or do you plan on rebuilding the rear roll bar?

I've been debating doing 33 Engineerings Aluminum Belly Pan and ditching the stocker. Save most 40lbs or so on that skid alone. Would be cool if there can be someone or some company to put out more Aluminum skids for Wranglers. The KJs are the only Jeeps I know of with that kind of aftermarket.

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