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The $500 Electric Car
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A turn for the worst

After getting up late, around 10 AM, and messing around shopping, I spent a couple minutes tinkering on the adapter plate. I drilled as many holes as I could, cut as much as I could think of, and just plain ran out of things to do, so I just threw it on to the transmission. I put power to it, and not only did the wheels turn, but nothing blew up OR flew off!!?? I think I spent only two ACTUAL days on the motor to tranny assembly, so in trying to prove how difficult this is I'm failing miserably it would seem. I did end up buying the grade 8 bolts because, as a fluke, they ended up being the prettiest. I bought some washers too because it was $3.99/pound and I didn't want to look cheap at the register putting under $4 on a credit card. I have an extra poor quality video (much like my conversion) that shows the audacity my tiny motor has to actually turn those massive Geo Metro 12" wheels. Well darn it, I have to start thinking about batteries and a controller now.....

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