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Originally Posted by vpoppv View Post
Please tell me you have some video of the conversion!? I'd love to see your adapter plate and coupler setup. How heavy is the motor you used? Watcha doin' about the brakes? I would be in shear heaven if I could get to 50kph at 36 volts!!!!
Adapter plate is a piece of 1/4" steel plasma cut to shape to fit up to the bell housing with a large hole for the coupler to go through and bolts to the origional bell housing bolt holes.

Coupler is a 7/8" bore "x" hub (the kind used for weld on sprockets and pulleys) with the clutch hub welded to it. I centered them together using a lathe, and tack welded it in place before checking alignement and final welding.

The motor is 7" diameter and 10" long about 60lbs.

Brakes are total stock with the "recommended" hole drilled through the diaphram in the booster. I stuck a 1/2" drillbit through the vaccum port and drilled right through. No worse than the manual brakes in the old 1966 pontiac I used tto have.

NEW update, I've done 60 kph with it now and it has 62 electric kilometers on it.
1994 electricfly EV conversion 36V/450A/60km/h
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