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I was going to budget $3k for this project, but I've barely spent over 600, and All I have is welding left.... I'll have to get it street legal (register, get lights working), but it'l be under 1K for a classic 80's sport bike... one of the first actually.

Some people got upset at me for parting it out, saying that I was defacing it, but I think I'll do it justice.

This was just a project I decided to do after talking to some guys at work, and going to some OEVA (Oregon Electric vehicle association) meetings. I was approached by some people in Portland about helping with their controller/balancers/etc. THats All I needed to get hooked.

I've got a second bike as well, which was 100% free when I picked it up. i've got 1 and a half set of fairings between the two of them (bought some fiberglass), and 2 complete chassis. I picked up 2 K99-4007 motors at Surplus center for 230 a piece plus shipping and the ONLY difference between them and the popular K91-4003 motor, was the shaft. So I saved over 400 a piece.

Just having fun right now, its pretty easy to do, just gotta know who to talk to. In fact, I went to a forklift place and they gave me 5 curtis controllers that may or may not work, they were replaced with new ones. Its all who you ask...

THanks for the positive feedback guys...
Travis Gintz
1986 Honda Electric VFR
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