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Originally Posted by metromizer View Post
Aftermarket EFI would be great, a 4 speed trans swap of rear gear swap too, but most people won't put in that amount of coin or effort, so...

I'd give it a high quality tune up, rebuild the distributor if it needs it (if you can find someone with a distributor machnie, to check the smoothness and advance curve for you, it would be money well spent) Also, find someone with an old Sunnen scope to fine tune the ignition and carburator for you. That is the way the older master mechanics would get those older points and carburator cars to purr like a kitten. Jetting those old carbs for optimum air/fuel ratio will almost always yeild better mpg, but don't confuse the term'jetting' with "hey, I'll just throw on a rebuilt carb from Pep Boys" because that won't do it for you. Jet it to where the plug insulators are light tan to almost white, and it will wake up and run better, use less fuel. Just stay on top of the tune. my 2cents
I'm looking at buying a '70 Maverick with a 200cid, and I was looking for a fuel injection setup, but I couldn't find one. Perhaps you know of a place?
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