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I was able to slow down a bit. I am going 100-110 most of the time on the motorway (preferably hiding behind a van or fast truck).
After entering the M50 (Dublin City ring) I have to sit up and filter through anyway, the cages are bunching up all the time...

Since last weekend, when I exchanged the fuel filter, there is more power available above ~10krpm, so I suppose there was a bottleneck...
Additionally, yesterday evening I did not just lubricate the chain, but cleaned it beforehand as well. It might be a placebo, but I think she is smoother now and might need a little less throttle - we'll see.

AFAICS I could improve mileage a good part if I could improve drag, because I can see how it goes down if there are strong headwinds on the way back (mostly west wind in Ireland ) and strong tailwinds in the mornings, nice as they are, do not make up for it.

I am consindering to get some polycarbonate (e.g. lexan) to play around with.

I fear I will not have much time to do that in the near future, the reason is my wife's Mini

And then there's also my own car and that broken RS125...

We always have out hands full with those projects, haven't we?
going electric on ES:
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