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I've got a similar idea for a project car kicking around in my head, and, unfortunately, the smallest, lightest, LRR tires I've come across are the OE tires for the Honda Insight. They're P165/65R14, and about 13 lbs each. Four of them and four Insight wheels is about 100lbs of rotating mass. The load capacity of 937lbs is overkill for any Honda, let alone a two-seat tandem project car, but until Firestone starts selling 16"x2" (P50/85R16?) LRR tires, what are you going to do?

I've thought about bicycle tires on bicycle rims, especially for an ultra-light, low-speed vehicle. Low rolling resistance tires are available, but the load capacity is probably <200lbs per wheel, and the tires are round for leaning into corners. You might be able to run them on a 500lb NEV/NGV, but I wouldn't expect incredible stopping power or cornering.
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