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But... I like the Terminator... and RoboCop.

That said, I hate traffic cameras - to an extent. They take care of the "where's a cop when you need one?" question very efficiently, to say the least.

As far as someone else getting a ticket in your car, it's fairly easy to prove that you weren't driving, and even if you can't prove it to the law officers, you can tell your "friend" that either they make responsibly for the fine, or they needn't bother being a "Friend" anymore. It's an expensive lesson, in some cases, but you'd quickly learn who your friends were.

OTOH - I don't like them, because they do exactly as dcb says - they enforce a brainless system of "stop and go", even when not necessary. More efficient traffic lighting systems would be partially self-corrective of the problems with people running lights... if they're more efficiently timed, even the people "in a hurry" all the time would have a better chance of getting a green light, thus avoiding the potential risks involved with running a green light.

If they're speeding, obviously, it won't work out as well.

Plus versus the minus features, I'd rather see them on streets than not. If you're not running red lights, (or in some cases, speeding) you've nothing to worry about.
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