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Energy Recovery System - F1

All right... so, who really understands this system? I've read about it, looked at the pictures, watched the videos and I still don't see how it works (specifically).

Formula 1 race cars have recently started using it and the teams that don't have it now, want it now from what I understand becasue it's supposed to be good for a boost of about 80 HP. It's only legal for F1 racers to use the system a set number of times per race.

Let's talk about it because it's cool as f***. And before I forget I'm wondering if this is like a hybrid system? Does it have a battery and use electric energy to boost with an electric motor? The discussion is as much for anyone on the internet as it is for me so please keep it open and don't assume that I'm an idiot that can't figure it out but rather I'm curious to see what people say about it and everyone can learn from the discussion.

Formula One to phase in Kinetic Energy Recovery System from 2009-2013 — Autoblog Green

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