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The KERS can be mechanical (flywheel) or electrical, as the team prefers. Both can be considered as hybrid because you are using several energy sources. Same limitations apply to both solutions : 80 hp during 6.6s per turn.

Before current season several teams had problems when they were developing the batteries (at least 1 electrocution and 1 explosion). Everybody was thinking Toyota would make the best system, but they declared the system in a F1 is totally different from the one in a prius so they didn't had any advantage.

Currently the wining teams aren't using any KERS. Having a KERS make the car heavier and more difficult to equilibrate, both making a worse breaking. During today's grand prix, Hamilton left the circuit because when he used it the car got desequilibated and he lost its control. Renault removed the KERS from their cars after a few grand prix and got it back only for the 2 fastest grand prix (Belgium & Italy). I bet they'll remove it for the season reminding as the circuits will be slower.

The main goal for next season is to lower the cost for teams. While some spent a lot to develop the KERS, others developed their aero... and are winning.

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