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Originally Posted by Christopher Jordan View Post
Just my opinion- those old design diamond frame trikes are unsafe disasters at all speeds. I had an old Huffy in the mid 1970s and at 2 mph it threw me off hitting a driveway and I fell a long way then rolled into a busy street.

Undaunted; the next day it wouldn't stay on the ground around a corner- tipped, went over- bloodied up badly. That was at 5 mph. Granted- about 10 to 20 pounds of battery would have helped, it would not help my grip or balance problem. Bye bye diamond frame trike.

My solution was to be low, but that is not for everybody. I have a hub motorised trike and an EV microcar 3-wheeler- both are a little bit faster than 10 mph (legally in CA.: 20/50 mph) I would never EVER try that on a diamond frame trike!
I am well over the trikes weight limit, it flexes a lot more than I would like it to when I sit on it. My son and daughter (21 and 19) enjoy riding it, though my son prefers to ride it with the non-driven wheel in the air (I'll see if I can a pic when he is home this weekend). The upside to the two wheel antics showed my wife that the trike isn't as stable as she expected.

She has ridden a recumbent trike, but that aggravated her hip.

Please understand that I'm just looking for ways to keep her active despite her ailments and frailties. We're only 4 days into using crutches and I think she is ready to wrap one around my neck... Mainly because I refuse to pull her wheelchair back out (she needed that two years ago...).

To that end, here is the rear drive on the trike, I have room to add another "hub" on the axle for a regular freewheel...
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