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Hydraulic Hybrid Vs. Electric Hybrid

Hydraulic Hybrid
1. 80% brake energy regeneration efficiency
2. Cost of system $2,500
3. Time to install on any vehicle 14 hours
4. 40% fuel economy improvement
5. No possible EMF interference
6. No mining of precious metals
7. Easier to recycle

Electric Hybrid
1. 30% brake energy regeneration efficiency
2. Cost of battery alone (God knows)
3. Still need to create the vehicle which costs energy (disposable vehicles just like cell phones)
4. Same fuel economy improvement
5. Technology and technicians not mature

I would use a battery for smaller things not in the drivetrain. Charge it with waste heat using a Cyclone Steam engine and then use that electricity to power an electrolysis generator to produce hydrogen and oxygen for diesel engine.

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