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The $500 Electric Car
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%$#@%$#%$@#%, I broke down and bought ANOTHER thing for this accursed conversion: 1/4" steel plate. It's pretty at least. I want to put up a picture of it because it's so pretty; I'm thinking most people would think "why is this bozo putting up a pic of a hunk of steel?" Anyway, that's yet $19 I won't see again. I'm over $100 now, and haven't sold any of the ICE parts. This conversion might end up costing me more than Forkenswift....
On the plus side: 1/4" is heftier than I thought. I tried to pick it up at the welder supply store and the big burly welder dude said "It's a two hander...." and, indeed I needed both hands to carry it. So then I went to the temporary template I made that I thought was 1/8" steel. It turned out to be 1/16". I guess it's a good thing I didn't use it as a permanent adapter plate. I don't think the grade 8 bolts have a chance at intimidating that 1/4" steel plate....

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