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Originally Posted by jason.thompson View Post
solarguy perhaps you haven't looked at it like this but you are driving a hydrogen car as we speak. You just have a few carbons attached. Imagine if they crack CNG with steam and then set up a hydrogen system for fuel cells. You will be able to fill up your hydrogen tank and then run it into your diesel engine. Or you could just skip the dance and burn CNG today in your diesel engine. 3 CNG to 1 part biodiesel..
There are more hydrogen atoms in a gallon of gasoline than in gallon of volume in a compressed hydrogen tank, or in a hydrogen adsorption tank. Hydrogen is a moderately to terribly crummy energy storage device/substance. Why would I want to steam reform natural gas and waste fully half of the energy by the time I'm done putting it through the fuel cell? What do they do with the carbon they liberate from the natural gas when they make hydrogen? Oh yeah, they just release it into the atmosphere. Well, couldn't they sequester it? Mmmmm, yeah. But at an energy cost, and a monetary cost, for a time. The longer you sequester it, the greater the costs. Hydrogen=crummy. Even if we had voluminous cheap green electricity from the electricity fairy, batteries would probably be a more efficient carrier than hydrogen from electrolysis.

Besides, I don't burn (hardly any) diesel in my car. I burn biodiesel made from wvo (waste veggie oil), and hydrogen can't hold a candle to that fuel in terms of EROEI. It's also closer to carbon neutral than steam reformed natural gas. We can't all do that, but I can do that, and I can do it now.

Sorry. Rant mode off. Sorry for the hyjack.

I'll quit now.

2004 VW TDI PD on bio

want to build 150 mpg diesel streamliner.
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