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VX swap questions

I have a 1974 Honda Civic which I made AWD by transplanting it onto a shortened 1989 Civic RT4WD floorpan/firewall (OBD-0 chassis). I've driven it over 100K miles since the transplant, with two different engines. Right now it is running a 1994 OBD-1 d15b from a JDM civic. I only get 30 mpg, which is a disappointment. I used to get 31-32 with the original non-vtec d16a6.

I picked up a cheap VX (d15z1?) motor from a guy who swapped it out for more power. What is needed to get the VX up and running in stock form? I've already got an OBD-1 jumper harness, I'm running an OBD-1 P28 ECU now. I've got the 4 wire O2 sensor. I've heard there is some component that needs to go on the firewall, or something, that is specific to the VX. I don't yet have an ECU.

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