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The golf cart will pull about 60-90 amps driving around the back yard. I plan on taking to some near by fields for some heavy rolling resistance and try and drive the current up.

Right now there is only 10 pins connecting the driver board to the power board. I will be increasing this due to needing to reference the driver negative power to battery negative. I am thinking of laying the board down on its side to make the pins only about .1" long and add some more about 1 inch away to support the board.

Right now I have 2 small wires connecting the board to B-, I had to add these for the controller to work, I believe it is due to the inductance. Its not a big fix, just a little one. These wires are actually the ends of some resistors so they are stiff enough to keep the board from moving around.

I have also looked into having the power circuit board professionally manufactured. Its looking like $62 plus the tooling fee....., thats about $130.

I also have a few cool additions in the works for the new control boards. I wont go into those now, because I already feel like im taking over paul's thread. I think I will be starting my own thread as to not clutter this one with more unrelated stuff.

As for my has seemed to become the catch all for all the stuff left from renovating our house, plus all my machine's and machine parts and motors. I hope to get it cleaned up over the next few weeks. Here are some more pics to show just how bad it is. lol


2.5 and 4 HP Servo Motor Collection:

Front of Garage:

Well thats it for now.

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You can download RTD Explorer for the Cougar controllers at
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