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Where to begin?

So. Step one. Install the fork.

Pretty easy really, just slide it in the headtube, slide the top bearing, spacers and stem over the forktube. Cap it all off with the headset cap, tighten, and you're done.

Next, we have the bottom bracket (BB)

So you need a special tool for most bottom brackets. Older bikes (and a lot of cheap department-store bikes) use different tools, but the one I'm using in the picture is pretty standard for "modern" bikes of decent-and-above quality.

To install your BB, simply grease the threads, install the cartridge first (the big part) and then put in the other (smaller) side.

Now the cranks. Slip them over the BB axle and then put in the bolts so they don't fall off. Tighten and you're done.

Pedals need to go on next. Depending on your pedals you'll have to use either a hex wrench or a pedal wrench (sometimes you can use either). In my case I use a hex wrench, the pedal wrench is just there for show.

Oh, and don't forget, pedals are threaded backwards on the drive side. So on the drive side (the side with the chain) it's "Righty-Loosey, Lefty-Tighty"

Now throw on those wheels and a seat and it's actually starting to look like a bicycle.

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