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In regards to the aluminum head and fuel injection and Cutoff switch:
If I recall correctly, the intake manifold is cast with the head on the 200 inline 6, so that is not possible.
There will not be an off the shelf fuel injection unit. A single 1 bbl throttle body, or 2 bbl throttle body injection off GM trucks could be adapted, but you would have to have someone who can write the chips adjust the firing order for your Ford. You need EFI fuel pump, lines, etc. I think Spectre might have a single bbl universal fuel injection setup, but not sure.
EOC.... Veterans, correct me if I am wrong, but I don't see how engine off coasting can be done on a carbureted vehicle. I can turn the car off, but the engine will continue to draw fuel through the carb, into the cylinders. In my younger days, this was a great way to shoot fire out the exhaust, and BOOM, but for eco friendly driving, it is washing down the cylinders, and igniting in the exhaust. Unless someone can tell me differently, I do not see how EOC works on carbs.
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