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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
I use google maps/directions.
I think it was Google Maps that gave the screwed-up directions. Matter of fact, they still do: Here's what they say (with a few steps omitted at the ends, of course)

2. ...left onto US-395 (Going north!)
3. Take the ramp to N Reno 0.6 mi
4. Merge onto US-395 N 8.9 mi
5. Take exit 68 to merge onto I-80 W toward Reno 137 mi
(Like you haven't been IN Reno for the last 10 miles, idiots!)
6. Take the exit onto I-80 W 41.7 mi
7. Take exit 40 to merge onto I-680 S toward Benicia/San Jose 71.4 mi
8. Continue on I-280 N 1.8 mi

So I'd be going around three sides of a square, adding 50 miles or so to the trip, running into much more traffic most times of the day...
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