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robchalmers -

Originally Posted by robchalmers View Post
as well as the the v1/v2 L1 we've made the lupo/lupo 3l/polo the whole blue motion series in golf,jetta,touran,polo. we also do the VERY funky twincharger engines which other manufacturers have tried and failed at, I mean in what other cases do you find a tiny hatch that produces 120hp/litre!!!. PD diesels that made EVERY manufacturer up their diesel game (even BMW). we've produced the only really working w-format engines when others said they'd shake themselves to bits (granted the w8 was a bit raucous). I'm Proud to say we have a history of manufacturing truely random technology! granted it may not always be at a profit(3l/phaeton/veyron/L1 etc), but its hard to argue that we're not pushing the boudaries!

oh we also have the e-tron, Up and E-Up due by '13
Cool. If the L1 happens I will applaud it. They can take a strategic loss in the name of Eco-advertising and technology-migration.


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