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The $500 Electric Car
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Ok, so today was a very maddening day. I went to Church. That made my EV time more limited. Then, for my daily trip to the farm supply store, they were OUT OF FREE POPCORN!!!! What do they think, that I go there to buy stuff??? Anyway, I have discovered the physics of plate thickness: apparently, 1/4" steel and 1/2" aluminum can both absorb sound and vibration! Well, at least more so than 1/16" steel. It's amazing the things this conversion is teaching me! Still have a ziptie for a motor mount: I decided that's the proper way for my inferior setup to work; it adds both a visual lack of appeal and poor functionality (hard to beat that). And lastly, this conversion has once again made me money! I finally got around to emptying the supposedly empty fuel tank (it read zero anyway). I put it in my 90 white Geo. So now, it has close to a half a tank! That should last me about 3 to 4 weeks....

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