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Prius (second gen) beep banishing?

Hello. I've got a slightly strange task at hand, and I'm hopeful that someone here may be able to help.

My sister recently got a 2004 Prius from my parents. It works wonderfully, and is a good car for her, but there's one problem: the car beeps. This is the normal beeping whenever a button is pushed.

Why would this be a problem, you ask? Her dog. My sister's dog is from a rescue organization, and as far as we can tell was caught in a burning building earlier in her life. She's absolutely terrified of anything that sounds the least bit like a smoke alarm (smoke as well, but that's not so relevant). Apparently, to the dog, the feedback beeps for doing practically anything on the car qualify. Turn on the radio? Beep. Change the temperature? Beep. Any time you use the touchscreen or press a button on the steering wheel, the dog goes into a panic and tries to jump into my sister's lap. Obviously this isn't safe, and pulling over any time she wants to change any setting is a pain.

I've already disabled the backup and seatbelt beeps, so I've looked into it, but google only gives results for doing that, not the general beeps.

Does anyone know if it is possible to disable every beep and if so, how? Ideally it wouldn't involve anything permanent like clipping a buzzer, as I'd be the one doing that and I'm a 10 hour drive away.

Any help would be most appreciated!

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