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Exclamation DIY:Install Intermittent Wipers on a VX/CX

Here's my attempt at a How-To for those owners of the Honda Civic CX/VX that want intermittent wipers.

Parts Needed:
-ICU (Integrated Control Unit) from a DX/EX model Civic
-Intermittent wiper stalk from a DX/EX coupe (since the CX/VX doesn't have the rear wiper)

*DISCLAIMER*Attempt this modification at your own risk. I will not be held responsible if you hurt or kill yourself doing this. While this a simple process, anytime you mess with electricity and airbags, you must be careful. (I stole some of the pictures from a beeper delete how-To on due to the fact that I'm not going to pull everything apart on my car to take pictures) *DISCLAIMER*

First, as always, disconnect the negative battery cable under the hood.

Remove the lower dash cover from under the steering column to reveal the fuse box.

Remove the two 10mm bolts on either side.

Disconnect the connectors as shown. (this can be optional depending on the flexibility of the wiring harness)

Gently, rotate the fuse box around to you can gain access to the back of it. Remove the connector shown on the far left of the picture below.

Rotate the fuse box around a little more and remove the ICU from the back of the fuse box. You have to pry on either side to get it to come loose. It is easier if you pry from the end opposite the connector you removed earlier.

Installation of the intermittent ICU is reverse of removal. you can now put the fuse block back together and re-install the lower dash cover.

Now you can remove the steering column cover by removing the three highlighted screws and pulling down the lower cover. Be sure to pull the right side out to clear the ignition cylinder. This will pop apart the top and lower column cover.

Turn the steering wheel clockwise 90 degrees to expose the two screws holding on the wiper stalk. Unscrew the two highlighted screws.

Slide out the wiper stalk and unplug the harness on the back. Then install the intermittent stalk in the reverse order.

Put the covers back on in the reverse order and you're set to enjoy intermittent wipers!


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