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I usually do it with air, and listen at the TB/Carb and remove the O2 sensor if it's equipped, or unbolt the down pipe from the header and listen there, with a piece of fuel line.

I suggest oil at times, though, because it's sometimes easier to just dump some oil in there than to go find a fitting that will match up with your spark plug holes, then pump air into the cylinders, etc..

BTW - When I put the engine in my wife's Saturn, it wouldn't start - the compression was less than 60 PSI across all four cylinders. I put about 10 squirts of 0w30 in each cylinder, compression tested it, and it came up with ~240 on all 4 cylinders... put the plugs back in, and it started right up, like it had never sat in the junk yard for almost a year uncovered with rain, condensation, snow, etc... all getting into the oil and cylinders.
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