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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
On Monday afternoon I went into town. Rubberneck galore!!!! At least three drivers took pictures with their phones while driving, one van stayed in the lane next to me for four kilometers, blocking everyone behind, with the passenger yelling at me "What is this supposed to be?" All of this at 80km/h. Whenever I stopped at a red, the cars in the neighboring lanes wouldn't pull up right next to me, but slightly behind. I was kind of expecting this, but I thought drivers would be at least slightly more responsible. I'm putting this in my signiture:

That monday excursion really stressed me out. I'm not a shy person, but I don't like being in the center of attention either. Especially if this attention can be potential hazard When I got to my destination I was really tensed up and had to walk around a park for 30 minutes to calm down.
After that I picked up the Wife and told her about my trip, and she says "Aw, come on. You've been reading that forum of your's too much and you're seeing things. Noone really cares." As she was saying this I was waiting at an intersection for a city bus to roll by. Just as she finished, the bus suddenly stopped in the middle of the intersection, the driver stared at Svietlana for 5-6 seconds, and continued on. Wife: "I take that back. Sorry."
Maybe it's good I didn't do a full boattail or the Air Force would escort me to the nearest landing strip. That's what you get for being the only rear-skirted and Kammbacked car within thousands of kilometers.
Thanks for posting pictures of your progress. Very nice looking body design. I really like your wheel covers, and the way they flow with the design.

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that gets frustrated by rubberneckers - I would have thought that other parts of the world would be less rude when it comes to things like that though.

Funny that you mentioned the nun hat, since I saw that too ( even before you pointed it out.)
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