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Find a Car

Here is a site you might find useful.
The nice thing about the 5th generation Civic, was that there was a ( hatchback only ) version called the VX.
The EPA rating was 47 / 56 ( rated at 39 / 50 with the 'updated' ratings. )
It was a manual transmission car only, had one air bag standard and you could get cruise control, power windows ( locks ? ) as options.

The 6th generation by comparison had a version called the HX that got 39 / 45 MPG ( 33 / 41 'adjusted; )

The 5th generation hatch also has more room in the back. Yesterday, I bought a bicycle, and I didn't have an allen wrench with me. I moved the seats all the way up and managed to fit the full size bike in there by using the fold down seats.
In the past, I have also moved other awkward things, such as a 12' maple tree.
The 5th generation hatch has a small " tailgate" that comes in handy at times like this.
I just opened the hatch and rested the tree on the 'tailgate'. If I had tried this with the 6th generation hatch, the angle of the opening would have resulted in the tree falling out the back.
I haven't seen that many VXs around here ( I live in Austin too ) .
I have a DX hatch myself, and mine is an automatic.
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