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Thumbs up The Chevy Volt- Hit or Miss?

Chevy Volt | Electric Car - Future Cars | Chevrolet

Chevy, and even General Motors is banking on The Volt to be a big hit with customers. As of now rumors have it they have been testing the prototypes in The Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee (not far from me). Word has it they want to get it right with the first generation and have been testing the car in the self described "real world" for many months now. In fact, many critics claim GM is taking far too long at bringing this car to market.

It is a car that charges up with a plug from a standard 110-120 volt (in U.S.) household electricity cable. It is supposed to be able to fully charge in about 8 hours (over-night) and be able to travel far and fast. The first 40 miles is ran on pure electricity. It's an electric car with a tiny gasoline engine to keep the single lithium-ion battery charged when the levels fall too low. Thus it works the opposite of typical hybrids in seeing it's main engine is electric, not gas. GM claims this car gets to what amounts to 230 MPG- but many question how they come up with that number and how they factor in the electricity cost. (Said to be at 75 cents to $2.50 USD a day tops! -depending on electrical rates) GM fires back with some very inexpensive numbers that almost make this car sound like it's the closest thing to being FREE to drive!

Given the market for cars, and all of the politics that go with that, what is YOUR OPINION ON THE VOLT from all you have heard about it? Do you believe it can deliver the goods? Even at the rumored $40,000 plus price? Please feel free to voice your concerns, as I come from a GM family and would love to hear it.

Personally I feel the biggest obstacle, if true, will be the $40,000 and higher price- IF TRUE. SO far nobody seems to be verifying this price at GM, not just yet anyway. I feel that if a customer can afford $40,000 and higher for a car they can afford to pay say $4.00 a gallon gasoline to run in it. I would think many such potential customers might prefer the luxury cars such as a Cadillac or Toyota Lexus. And there lays the kicker. If this car ends up costing over $40,000, BUT will get 230 MPG and use very little electricity will it be a fair competitor to the luxury cars in the same price range, or will customers opt for the safe option of buying a well known gasoline or diesel luxury car in the same price range?

I believe the car goes into production in mid 2010. It may come out as a 2011 model, but be sold in late 2010. At least that's my latest information about it. GM has all but admitted they are banking on this car to lead there way back to prosperity. Their people lite up when seen testing the car, and they act very assured that the car is something the world has never seen the likes of before.

Even if the car is a big hit, will GM have enough patents to stop copy-cat design cars from being sold by other car manufacturers? I understand they do have a ton of patents already on file, but if it really sales I would think the other car companies are not going to just sit around and watch a 230MPG car take their market share without a fight.


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