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well alas there are 2 problems with that perspective.

#1 it flies in the face of my actual experience (though maybe it would confirm its NOT ethanol causing my problems but what else would cause 7 vehicles to all lose 15-25% of there fuel economy ALL AT ONCE ?) Though its hard for me to ignore that I got NORMAL FUEL ECONOMY on 4 year old gas in my pops motorhome tank over The Ethanol laced gas we are using today.

NOT A SINGLE ONE of our cars gets anywhere near the fuel economy we were getting just 2-3 years ago.

Also those tests were mostly done with NEWER CARS

also those people running their tests in control conditions? I don't see them buying my gasoline for me.

The way I see it ethanol is causing me to spend an extra $1248 dollars a year over what I would be paying if I got my usual MPG levels.

I don't need anything more. Thats enough evidence for me to want to do some more testing.

The only way I can do any testing is to get my hands on gasoline WITHOUT ethanol.

Got any suggestions for me? Got an usable suggestions for what else could be causing a 15-25% across the board consistent economy drop in 7 cars driven by 4 different people with years ranging from my 88 cherokee to my pops 98 windstar.

Got any suggestions as to why I can CHART fuel economy to the AMOUNT of ethanol in the gas? why I get better fuel economy on wawa's 7% ethanol over US Gas's 11% ethanol?

is there "something else" different about the gas I should know about?
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