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We all know ethanol makes for worse mileage, theres less energy in it, so it takes more fuel to make the same power.
take my car as an example - we use 93 pump gas on this turbo engine, it gets about 30mpg. when i change to E85, i have to add around 20% or more fuel to get it back into shape again (but its really good for making tons of power on alot of boost) and it will get 15-18mpg if im lucky. - ethanol in gas burns clean-er. but we use alot more. there isnt much to prove. using 100% alcohol in a race car you will eat twice as much fuel as using race gas.
The EPA and things look at it as burning cleaner, better for the environment, but its not any better for our pocket.

stoich on gas is 14.7:1 air / fuel ratio - stoich on 85% ethanol is 9.8:1 - that alone should tell you
with the newer gas (whish is supposed to be 10% ethanol (E10) im finding that 14.7 will cause a lean missfire - and 14.0 seems to be a better "clean burn" now.

BTW if your going tokeep testing - race gas is leaded (unles you buy the high dollar unleaded race fuel) and will coat your o2 sensors and cause them to fail early.

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